1 Atacama
2. Disappear
3. Burn
4. Grand Procession
5. Shadow on the Castle Wall
6. Spruce Mountain Pass
7. Swells
8. Sketches from the Ice Age
9. Lashes a Thousand Years Old
10. Now I Am Three
11. Here I Am

Notes on the tracks for To Call Out in the Night :

This album has been almost five years in the making, taking us from our first improv pieces at DNA Studios in Montreal through months of live improv at Kris Mah’s Dorval studio.

To me the pieces work almost like film, the action, images and characters projected by the voice, and the emotional atmosphere, tension and release created by the music. At their core is the improvisational genius of Kris Mah and Doug Stein, and their faith in a music that would live both as atmosphere and as literature.

When we first recorded it, our collaborator Jonathan Stein played bass, then took all the music from two days of work and disappeared for two weeks. When he reappeared he had created magic….many of the mixes which feature on this album: Burn, Shadow on the Castle Wall, Now I Am Three Years Old…

It should be noted that these pieces are entirely improvised. They are composed on the fly by Kris Mah, who takes whatever’s being recorded and loops what he likes in real time. The finished tracks are then given to Jonathan Stein or Kris Mah to mix. The result is what you hear: one-of-a-kind pieces whose beauty and complexity belie the way they’re built.

We hope you get as much excitement out of listening to it as we did creating it.


Words & Music Credits:
With the exception of Swells, lyrics, poems and stories on this CD are written by Ian Ferrier (SOCAN), and composed, performed and produced by Pharmakon MTL: voice and verse Ian Ferrier (SOCAN); composition and guitars Kris Mah (SOCAN); vocals Moe Clark (SOCAN); drums Doug Stein (SOCAN); bass and laptop Jonathan Stein.
Vocals and lyrics on Swells by Valerie Khayat (SOCAN); backing vocals on Disappear and Here I Am by Valerie Khayat (SOCAN).

With the exception of Grand Procession which was produced by Kris Mah, all tracks on this CD were produced by Jonathan Stein. This CD was mastered at GreyMarket Mastering by Harris Newman. All other credits appear with the individual tracks.





To Call Out in the Night (enhanced cd with video)

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