To Call Out in the Night
—a multimedia performance featuring Pharmakon MTL

On Thursday November 25th Ian Ferrier and the poets and musicians of Pharmakon MTL launch their first CD, To Call Out in the Night ( BongoBeat Records), at the Sala Rossa in Montreal.

Almost 5 years in the making, this music is like nothing you’ve heard. Whispered words, haunting female vocals, first meditative, then driving guitar and percussion…each piece is composed live in real time, then blended for a landing on compact disc.

11 tracks of voice and music feature poet/musicians Ian Ferrier, Moe Clark and Valerie Khayat, and composer/musicians Kris Mah, Doug Stein and Jonathan Stein.

The CD also premieres an absorbing video directed by renowned media artist pk langshaw. langshaw’s projects are multimedia excursions into form and movement, and the live show at Sala will feature work by three of her collaborators in a project called d_verse: Dancers Zoe Dominiac and Isabel Mohn will perform to music from the band, and projection video artist Jérome Delapierre will transform the Sala into an vivid live tableau.

Special guest for the evening is one of Montreal’s most talented and eclectic musicians, Sam Shalabi.


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Tickets to the show are $7, and an added $3 will get you To Call Out in the Night, the CD that all the excitement is about.

To Call Out in the Night
Sala Rossa,
4848 St-Laurent, Montreal
Thursday November 25th
9PM $7 (add $3 and you get the new Pharmakon CD)

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