This video is an improvisational accident, an accident where the results might have been foreseen.

I found the work of media artist pk langshaw because she made a project on the web with the same name as our band, Pharmakon. So when I googled the name to see if our band could use it, there she was. To find out she lived in the same city as us was one coincidence; to find out that she also created video projects featuring text and dance was amazing. I had already done this kind of project for my second album, as I love working with dancers (they leave so much room for words). Her work was a step further, an improv where the text dances with the people (and with our music.

One Saturday in June the entire band arrived with all of our equipment at the Hexagram space in the basement of the Media Arts building at Concordia University. We were greeted by two dancers, text and colour programmers, sensor programmers, lighting and photography people, video camera people, and pk langshaw, whose idea it was to bring them altogether.

The result happened in one take that afternoon, a kind of miracle I discovered afterwards, as, until those moments, nothing had gone right all week.


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Video Credits:
Disappear was conceived and directed by pk langshaw; camera by Glauco Bermudez and Diego Rivera Kohn; costumes by pk langshaw and Zoe Dominiak; dance by Zoe Dominiak and Isabel Mohn; lighting by Jean Gervais; lighting assistant Nancy Bussières; sensors and programming by Jérome Delapierre; flash lettering by Cassandra Lacombe; titles and editing by Tamara Scherbak; location sound by Tim Sutton and Mark Zadel; writing by Ian Ferrier; voice by Ian Ferrier; vocals—Valerie Khayat; guitars and composition Kris Mah; drums Doug Stein; bass Jonathan Stein; music recorded live at his Dorval studio by Kris Mah; produced by Jonathan Stein; sound mastering by Harris Newman.

The video is a project of the d_verse Research Lab, Hexagram, Concordia University



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