Kris Mah – Guitar & Laptop

Kris Mah’s musical career picked up when he went to rent an amp at Steve’s Music in the 90’s. There he met Dave Sturton, who offered him a job, first at the music store, and later doing recording at Sturton’s Plateau recording studio, DNA. Drummer Doug Stein worked at the music store, and Ian Ferrier recorded at DNA. It was Kris’s invitation that pulled the two together into their first voice/music improvs.

The major influence in his musical career has been the evolution of Ableton Live, which for the first time allowed musicians to pull together Pharmakon’s signature sound—intricate, multi-layered compositions performed live and in real time. Influences are 60s and 70s rock progressive rock, Charles Mingus, Pink Floyd, surf rock, King Crimson, Horton Heat, Mr. Bungle.