Ian Ferrier – Words and Vocals

Ian Ferrier is one of the core voices in the North American spoken word scene. A poet, musician and performer, he tours regularly, presenting his one-of-a-kind mix of poetry, music and pop culture. Musically rooted in blues-driven inquiries into love, sex and death, and poetically rooted in the cosmology of the Beats, Ferrier is also a founder of the spoken word label Wired on Words, and co-founder of two words & music festivals, Tusarniq and the Mile End Poets’ Festival. He performs both as a solo artist and with Pharmakon MTL, where his whispered and spoken vocals mix with sung vocals, multiple guitars and drums. To Call Out in the Night is his third CD, and was preceded by a CD/book Exploding Head Man (Planète rebelle 2004) and the voice & music CD What Is This Place (BongoBeat 2007). His poems and performances have also appeared in anthologies from Montreal presses, such as Conundrum’s Impure-Reinventing the Word and Vehicule’s Poetry Nation, as well as on film, video, television and radio.